Snow Days cover Deborah Kerbel Miki Sato

November 24, 2020

Snow Days

Written by Deborah Kerbel
Illustrated by Miki Sato

Pajama Press — Fall 2020
From 2 to 5 | 24 pages

First snow, surprise snow:
Nature’s sparkly magic show

Sparkling rhyme and unique collage illustrations celebrate all the activities snow makes possible for preschoolers and all the emotions it inspires.

For small children, snow is a wonder. It sparkles and glitters. It transforms the outside world.

Every kind of snow brings its own magic. It invites snow angels, skating, fort-building, and snowballs. Even blizzard days are exciting, when routines are overturned and everyone bands together to clear the snow away. For the youngest among us, winter is magical.